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Lytham jetty

last night I nipped up the road only  3 miles to try catch a sunset as we do the sun set was 8.30pm ish the hi tide was 9.50 so I walked out to the water marker 

and watched the tide slowly rise hers a few behind the camera shots with winston and the d810 nikon 24-70mm with formatt hitech holder with a 6 stop firecrest filter winston for me is the perfect for long exposures and using the stiletoz stood in the old jetty this aint going to move I sed a neewer shutter cable release to get a longer than the 30 seconds the d810 allows

On the last pic you can see the mind shift gear backlight 36l this back is really good for landscapes or wedding photography as you can fit the kitchen sink in 

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May 06, 2020

Top landmark for long expo.

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